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New members - important and helpful to know
geschrieben von: admin (IP gespeichert)
Datum - date: 11. July 2010 12:55

Welcome in the forum of Jukebox-World - a platform for technical questions, suggestions and information as well as general questions and experiences "All about jukeboxes".
Reading our forum is possible without a registration. To use all features and to post anything you need to do is getting yourself registered first. Therefore follow the link "LogIn-Register" in the menue.

Though the forum is kept in German mainly, writing in your native language is fine. Keep in mind that (besides German) English is the most known language for many user in this forum.
Everybody appreciates if you introduce yourself a little bit first. This gives discussions regarding our hobby a slightly more personal touch. To get precise answers some information should be given and some notes should be followed:

1. A meaningful subject heading
2. Information about manufacturer, model ID and serial number (compare ID plate of jukebox, wallbox etc.) and if needed also about installed units like amplifier, cartridge, control computer etc.
3. A detailed description of the problem, how long it already persists, if the jukebox worked fine before, what you already tried to solve the problem etc.
4. Information about your technical knowledge and equipment and if you do have the service manual, schematics and/or other documentation on hand.
5. Please report about implemented instructions and their result and respond to queries.
6. To make reading and understanding more easy some spelling rules are welcome.
7. Photos can help to make the problem more easy to understand. This can be done in three ways:
7A: Attach max. three photos up to 150 kB each to your post. An image editor will help to downsize and compress the photos.
7B: Upload your photo to an image hosting provider (e.g. Photobucket, directupload) and insert the photo into your post. The needed link will be provided by the image hosting provider and probably be [IMG]link[/IMG].
7C: Upload your photo to another (own) server and set the link to your photo, starting with http://
Please note: Make sure the photos stay in a long term on the external image hosting server. Otherwise following up the posts might become difficult.

Furthermore you may find some solutions/answers already by:
1. Using the search feature in this forum for similar problems and questions: '[]'
2. The Jukebox Archives gives some information and data, FAQ: '[]'

For finding spare parts, manuals or service resp. repairs we offer our classifieds "Jukebox-World" and the Online Shop "Stamann Musikboxen":
1. Jukebox-World: German/English classifieds for sale and wanted requests: '[]'
2. Stamann Musikboxen: German/English online shop for repro and other spare parts, manuals, books etc.: '[]'

Last but not least:
Fun and humour are allowed!
Please give a feedback about the final result, if the problem could be solved. This will be much appreciated by every user of this forum and will keep the motivation to continue helping.

Have fun using our forum - Hildegard Stamann as admin

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