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United jukeboxes
geschrieben von: flashbk13 (IP gespeichert)
Datum - date: 27. April 2017 22:27

Hi all,
I have a 1960 United UPC100 (mono version) had have these questions:
1. Can I use the manual from the A for the C (for most of the C)? I can get a nice A manual for $17 instead of $40+ (not sure what Victory glass is bundling together, not sure what of their bundle I need).
2. Will the title glass from an A fit/ work for the C?
3. are most parts from the 4 models interchangeable?
thank you, Rick.

Re: United jukeboxes
geschrieben von: Hildegard (IP gespeichert)
Datum - date: 29. April 2017 18:36

Hi Rick,

I can't say 100% for sure. I guess in general UPA-100 and UPC-100 differ not too much from each other except for the amp and the credit unit.
As you have the mono version you must have amp UMA-1 anyway which is described in UPA-100 manual too.

Upgrades and minor changes might be possible.

Victory Glass offers the UPB-100 service manual combined with UPC-100 Operating Instructions. Maybe this means that United did not publish a new manual for UPC-100 but offered the Operating Instructions incl. UPC-100 wiring diagram only.
Those offer details like how to load records, price settings, amplifier set-up, remote set-up, and UMA-2 amplifier diagram.

If you can find a nice UPB-100 manual it might be slightly better. It seems a little bit more detailed to me. But you will miss the UPC-100 wiring diagram which looks at least slightly different than UPB-100 schematic. But I am not familiar enough with reading schematics to say if they differ a lot from each other.

I attach the table of contents of UPA-100 and UPB-100 manual.

Kind regards - Hildegard

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Anhänge: UPA-100.jpg (129kB)   UPB-100.jpg (146kB)  
Re: United jukeboxes
geschrieben von: flashbk13 (IP gespeichert)
Datum - date: 29. April 2017 19:45

Thank you Hildegard for that info. I'll just buy the victory glass manual set. I was trying to save some money ($40+ from VG compared to $20 for an A manual from Italy, the VG cover 2 models). Rick.

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