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About Us

Welcome to the Serial Number Database of Jukebox-World!

When restoring jukeboxes once in a while the serial number becomes important. This number may help to identify the year of a model or could even give an idea how often a model was being produced, which schematic is needed etc..
That's why we started this serial number database for everybody who is interested in this. Also we invite everybody to help to complete this database as much as possible.

Our complete spectrum concerning jukeboxes:

Classified Ads "All about Jukeboxes" - with
free ads for private user; offers and searches for complete jukeboxes, original parts, accessories, service, manuals, records and more

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Stamann Musikboxen:
Online Shop and mailorder business for jukebox parts, accessories, related items and more for AMI, Rowe, Rock-Ola, Seeburg, Wurlitzer, NSM, Wiegandt, Tonomat, Bergmann, Harting, Eltec, Treff, Jensen and Chantal

Archive and Database
Sites with pictures of most jukeboxes, tables, FAQ and more plus a serial number database for jukeboxes and accessories

Platform for technical problems, suggestions and hints, for general questions and experiences concerning jukeboxes and related items

At least - how to get in touch with us:

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