NSM Hit 120 A

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Serial Number

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61500072 n/a n/a Sweden n/a 30.11.2011
61500558 n/a n/a Germany n/a 05.10.2008
61500869 n/a n/a Germany auction 30.07.2007
61501145 Oliver Stamann stamann@Jukebox-world.de Germany n/a 09.02.2006
61501325 Tye Mansell tyemansell@yahoo.com Australia in working condition. 16.02.2012
61501351 MILES TAYLOR wpmilestaylor@hotmail.com England just got up and running after replacing flood damaged amp and speakers. 02.10.2010
61501422 Andrew Telfer b@ckspace.fsnet.co.uk Mauritius n/a 08.08.2010
61501634 Erwin Boot flamrecs@bigpond.net.au England Belongs to a customer of ours in Gillingham (Kent) in the United Kingdom. 19.06.2018
61501687 Wolfgang Hess wolhess@onlinehome.de Germany My Music Box 1973 Delivered by NSM Apparatebau Bingen am Rhein 08.01.2009
61502205 n/a n/a Norway Can anyone please send me info about the ES number is? 07.02.2018
61502258 Roland roland.1@gmx.net Germany n/a 21.05.2007
61502478 n/a n/a Austria n/a 26.09.2006
61502498 de rosny pderosny@gmail.com France Hit 120A M 01.05.2023
61513080 n/a n/a Netherlands n/a 08.09.2018
61527284 n/a n/a Germany Gekauft in Saarbrücken für 350€ 09.09.2023