NSM Consul 160 B

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Serial Number

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31010016 n/a n/a Germany Serial number listed in so called "Musikautomatenbrief" - a phonograph ownership certifcate. 17.06.2017
31010378 Markus Weilenmann markus@weilenmann.ch Switzerland n/a 15.12.2019
31010504 Malicheff michel.malicheff@telenet.be Belgium n/a 20.08.2010
31011071 Chris tl94873@gmail.com Portugal we try to restore it 27.10.2021
31011248 Ståle Johannessen johannessen@harestad.no Norway i CAN NOT GET THE CARRIAGE TO MOVE , ANY HELP OUT THERE ? 15.11.2012
31011332 Malicheff michel.malicheff@telenet.be Belgium n/a 20.08.2010
31011473 Ferruccio Gabrielli gab.ferruccio@tiscali.it Italy Hi, i would to contact people to know info about this jukebox. Thank you 24.08.2010
31011511 richard french Richard.french1@gmail.com England Under restoration 29.01.2021
31011513 Jim Broughton cohort@btinternet.com England In excellent condition. 12.03.2006
31011540 n/a n/a Spain n/a 02.12.2008
31011599 Johan van Ammelrooy ammelrooy@xs4all.nl Netherlands In good & working condition 19.07.2011