NSM Festival ES 160

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30101624 n/a n/a Germany Zur Zeit noch nicht spielbereit aber hoffentlich bald. 14.10.2008
33100022 Martin Hoskins mrhoskins@aol.com England Recent purchase - sounds great and working fine - Externaly it has suffered a few scuffs and I would like to restore it. I am trying to source cabinet parts in particular the metal trim plates that wrap around the cabinet below the glass ect... Anyone know if these are available please??? 07.11.2011
33100206 n/a n/a Germany Ebay auction 12/2008, model Festival ES 160 ST 30.12.2008
33100206 n/a n/a Germany with ES II technic 07.08.2009
33100294 Heinle Gerald FeuerRhoener@t-online.de Germany hallo suche für Box NSM ES 160 die Tonnadeln haben sie die noch und was würde diese Kosten wollen in unserer Kneipe die Box wieder auf vorder mann bringen !! 13.05.2011
33100309 jean-pierre jp.jeanneret@net2000.ch Switzerland n/a 15.06.2006
33100526 Peter Nagel nagel-suederwisch@t-online.de Germany Bezeichnung auf Typenschild: FESTIVAL ES 160 ST Wer hat Erfahrung bei Gleichlaufschwankungen? 01.11.2017
33100531 Lars Neumann staplerfahrer20@gmx.de Germany Steht zum Verkauf! Bei Interesse e-mail an mich! 03.02.2008
33100789 Simon Fletcher Fletchercsimon@gmail.com England Currently being restored 01.12.2023
33100857 n/a n/a Germany n/a 15.12.2013
33100909 n/a n/a England Played wonderfully till a couple of days ago but put last record backl in place and carraige will not return to left hand side of rack any ideas woiuld be gratefully received thanks 03.12.2013
33100964 Dick Attridge dickattridge@hotmail.co.uk England The machine is currently out of service due to componant failure. Sept 2008 07.09.2008
33101139 n/a n/a USA 117V /60 cycles 19.07.2006
33101589 mike saint mikesaint666@btinternet.com England fully restored and working well. 18.10.2012
33101602 Richard Cross dickcross@hotmail.co.uk England Brought on eBay. Not working. Blows fuses like theres no tomorrow. This is my first jukebox so any help would be appreciated.Can u get the colour stripes,if so where from. Gr8 website.... 03.02.2012
33101641 n/a n/a Germany ES160 technic 25.06.2007
33101764 Peter Weber petweb@online.no Norway n/a 08.06.2014
33102480 n/a n/a Germany works 22.05.2015
33102541 Oliveira jlomeca@gmail.com Venezuela Restored and modernized I share information 31.03.2021
33102804 Aaron Walsh aztech42@gmail.com England ES 160 ST. Cartridge = Shure 17CM. Carriage = 106 600 (38 79 41). Credit and control unit = 106 590 (01 281 000). Centrale unit = 106 580 (01 341 000). I bought this as a non runner but I will fix it. 26.04.2017
33102842 Erwin Boot flamrecs@bigpond.net.au Australia n/a 06.06.2011
33102846 Erwin Boot flamrecs@bigpond.net.au Australia Located in Victoria; in for repair by a colleague of ours March 2012. 15.03.2012
33102857 n/a n/a Australia n/a 06.06.2011
33102858 Erwin Boot flamrecs@bigpond.net.au Australia n/a 06.06.2011
33103148 Waldi soulpridger@aol.com Germany Grad meine erste Box erstanden, wird jetzt überholt, so alles glatt geht :-) 16.08.2016
33103185 Jürgen Gabriëls jurgengabriels@telenet.be Belgium Works perfect,restored the amplifier and credit unit. Works fine very good sound. 17.09.2013
33103193 Michel Malicheff michel.malicheff@telenet.be Belgium with cartridge Shure 17CM 07.06.2011
33103739 BAEYENS DANIEL procash@online.be Belgium n/a 26.01.2007
33103861 Jonas Bengtsson cab70@hotmail.com Sweden 29.01.2012
33103875 Erwin Boot flamrecs@bigpond.net.au Australia n/a 06.06.2011
33104053 Mario mzanon@sympatico.ca Canada Needs Repair 11.04.2011
33104142 Manfred Steinwehr manfred@steinwehr.de Germany Works 14.03.2021
33104158 n/a n/a Germany n/a 07.07.2012
33104347 Klaus Sch klaus.schaefers@pcundmehr.com Germany n/a 27.08.2006
33105324 n/a n/a France needs some restro any parts on offer 29.03.2016
33105694 n/a n/a Germany works, just little defects 23.10.2008
33105912 Hildegard Stamann stamann@jukebox-world.de France auction feb 2007 23.02.2007
33105939 Hildegard Stamann stamann@jukebox-world.de France n/a 11.10.2006
33701761 Jacek Rogacki rogacek@wp.pl Poland Actually not working. I am look for solutions. 15.04.2015

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