NSM Prestige ES 160

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33700045 n/a n/a England n/a 09.03.2020
33700128 n/a n/a USA n/a 12.04.2006
33700424 Angelika Oltmanns angie.o@gmx.net Germany Needs some repairs. Help would be appreciated :-). Thanks. 03.01.2013
33700510 Ekkehard Schulze eschulze@idb-deutschland.de Germany n/a 21.01.2008
33700651 Hans-Erik Karlsson hans-erik.karlsson@vxu.se Sweden Its a very nice box, but i need some parts. The display, the pressure nuts and the electrical cards behind them 21.02.2006
33701451 Anthony Korper korpert@aol.com USA Model: Prestige ES 160 ST. Anyone having any information on the reliability of this machine, and it is possible value...would greatly appreciate any and all information...wondering if I have not thrown away $100.00 US Dollars...??? 04.01.2011
33701748 n/a n/a Germany n/a 09.07.2006
33701783 Sylvia s.trampert@freenet.de Germany Mod. NSM Prestige ES 160 ST 26.11.2007
33701975 Maik Krüger maikkrueger@me.com Germany Musikbox im Aufbau. Suche Schaltpläne oder ähnliches 07.12.2013
33702253 n/a n/a England excellent working order 21.07.2008
33702420 Wendy Gray wendygray@rogers.com Canada n/a 03.01.2011
33702567 Luc Vanparys luc.vanparys@skynet.be Belgium surching for de plans. The model is a Prestige ES 160 ST 31.05.2007
33702611 n/a n/a USA n/a 17.06.2006
33702790 prestige es160 st mfrinu@gmail.com Italy n/a 25.08.2020
33703103 STEVE EDWARDS edwards549@btinternet.com Australia n/a 09.07.2011
33703559 prestige ES160 st mfrinu@gmail.com Italy n/a 25.08.2020
33703721 wonderboy007;) wonderboy007@aol.com Germany sehr sch 22.09.2008
33703898 Erwin Boot flamrecs@bigpond.net.au USA Belongs to a customer of ours (Shawn) in the U.S.A. 23.11.2015
33704194 Uwe Ebener uwe.ebener@t-online.de Germany n/a 06.10.2008
33704449 n/a n/a USA mechanism drive runs slow and arm does not pick up but motor and sound is in good condition any help would be nice 27.06.2008
33704456 n/a n/a Austria Privatbesitz 30.05.2012
33704493 mike saint mikesaint666@btinternet.com England restored 18.10.2012
33705023 Hildegard Stamann stamann@jukebox-world.de USA n/a 01.09.2006
33705027 Lester Kooman ljkooman@wowway.com USA its need a control&credit broad 08.09.2010
33705288 n/a n/a Canada n/a 06.01.2019
33705335 n/a n/a Australia Belongs to a customer of ours. 06.10.2023
33705817 Erwin Boot flamrecs@bigpond.net.au USA Belongs to one of our customers in the U.S.A. April 2015. Missing the cartridge; is it Shure N-17 or more likely, given the high serial number, an Ortofon cartridge. 01.04.2015
33705999 Friedrich-Wilhelm Unthan friedrich-wilhelm.unthan@freenet.de Germany n/a 27.12.2006
33706486 n/a n/a USA n/a 26.06.2014

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