NSM Prestige II-O - Ortofon cartridge

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Serial Number

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34700001 n/a n/a Unknown first Prestige ES II with Ortofon pick-up and DC motor 16.07.2010
34700051 Paul Judge pauljudge654@gmail.com England The model is in working order but does need refurbishment for sound and electronics plus aesthetics to get it back to its former glory 18.04.2022
34700214 Dennis Hanley dennis.hanley1@ntlworld.com England n/a 04.04.2009
34700587 n/a n/a Germany n/a 09.10.2023
34700611 Harry harry_becker@t-online.de Germany n/a 08.01.2018
34700798 Phil pcollier@fieldsequip.com USA Have another one thats identical but no serial number on it. Anyone know where parts can be found for these models ? 28.12.2010
34700854 Erwin Boot flamrecs@bigpond.net.au Australia I have not sighted this machine and therefore cannot verify that it has an Ortofon cartridge. Customer supplied photos of Prestige and serial number and that number slots it in this group. 16.03.2011
34700857 John West UKUSCI@aol.com England Purchased from Jooks December 1998 04.01.2007
34700932 Rudolph Werner rudolphwerner96@gmail.com Germany n/a 23.06.2021
34701210 n/a n/a England n/a 13.05.2009
34701245 Stefan Feth stefan.feth@t-online.de Germany n/a 13.03.2006
34702069 n/a n/a Germany n/a 31.08.2007
34702417 Darrell dghup@mchsi.com USA A work in progress, needs two gas piston rods to hold the lid up and foam surrounds to repair the two 10 inch speakers 15.08.2012
34702424 n/a n/a USA n/a 08.01.2021
34702479 n/a n/a Germany n/a 22.11.2022
34702599 n/a n/a Poland n/a 05.09.2009

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