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30201756 Patrick dark_days_home@hotmail.com Netherlands Original a german NSM CD Fire bought for parts to repair the jukebox of my uncle. Now i got it from him and want to make this one working again. Things to do, totaly dismantle to remove the nicotine from it, get the CD player fixed and rewire the cabinet door. 10.06.2015
30202012 Thomas Br lockwood@gmx.de Germany n/a 22.01.2007
30202736 Tim Peters tpjm.peters@hotmail.com Netherlands As good as new 11.04.2016
30202815 n/a n/a Germany n/a 06.09.2009
30202900 Erwin Boot Flamingo Records & Autom. Music Co Australia n/a 17.03.2010
30203306 n/a n/a Denmark Badly needs diagram, instructions, manual or whatever is available 14.11.2013
30203685 Iwan Spijkers iwansandy@home.nl Netherlands Perfect but can't get it on background play 14.11.2017
30203947 Martin jukebox@mysunrise.ch Switzerland n/a 12.03.2006
30204593 Jaap den Toom jdentoom69@gmail.com Netherlands Good original jukebox 24.10.2021
30204909 n/a n/a Germany nearly daily used, but one channel of "centrale CD" - amplifier is defective. Part-Nr: 206635C. I'm searching ... 30.12.2017