NSM Solid Gold

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20000003 chris geurts geurtsc@hetnet.nl Netherlands its one of the prototypes. it was bought right from the NSM factory. It didn't have the coin unit, al holes for coins are in the front glass also the coin return in the side but all are original closed 12.05.2022
20001526 Annette Vivona BgSternFan@aol.com USA Im finding it very hard to get the title changer working I would like to get a service manual Do I have the only Solid Gold Jukebox every made 22.07.2007
20001618 n/a n/a USA n/a 13.03.2008
20001813 Bob Raney bobraney2000@yahoo.com USA 100 CD jukebox made in Germany now in USA. 08.08.2014
20002359 Hildegard Stamann stamann@jukebox-world.de USA n/a 11.11.2007
60096276 Bob Raney bobraney2000@yahoo.com USA ME confused. Box says it is a Solid Gold by NSM but Serial Number is way off compared to my other Solid Gold jukebox. Made in Germany. Now in California USA 20.08.2014
N/A Bob Raney ladeltabob@gmail.com USA First CD jukebox after having 9 other 45 rpm models. I m ruined now. All I now want is CD boxes. Love punching in cd# plus 00 and it plays entire CD. N Hollywood CA 27.05.2014