NSM Fanfare 60

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Serial Number

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0000 Christian Kuhner info@christian-kuhner.de Germany restaurierte NSM Fanfare 60 ohne Typenschild 25.05.2011
0000 n/a n/a Spain No entry for this juke box 31.12.2022
0154 n/a n/a Germany sehr guter Originalzustand 30.03.2006
0207 Norbert Gräf graefsiek@web.de Germany n/a 08.09.2010
0281 n/a n/a Austria restored 21.05.2006
0351 Kuipers J.g.kuipers@hotmail.com Netherlands Compleet restored,,for sale 14.04.2013
0675 Hans-Joachim Kurz hjekurz@web.de Germany very good condition; serial number is also etched into the upper right hand glass plus in the r.h. dome glass; ID plate says Fanfare 60, built in 1957, but mechanism is definately a Fanfare 60A (see service manual). Early version of Fanfare 60A so without the "A"? Or upgraded with the conversion kit for 60A (available in 1957)? 08.04.2007
0710 Blackforest-Warehouse info@blackforest-warehouse.de Germany sehr schlechter Zustand - wird als Teileträger verwendet 07.05.2024