NSM Consul Classic ES 160-O - Ortofon

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33501561 n/a n/a Unknown first Consul Classic ES 160 with Ortofon pick up and DC motor (1984) 16.07.2010
33501600 Bernhard Geiges bernhard.geiges@t-online.de Germany n/a 03.02.2010
33501630 Schmidt schmidtguido@me.com Germany Läuft einwandfrei 28.12.2016
33502107 Patrick Z darmani@gmx.ch Switzerland The Jukebox works just fine!!!! I'm looking for Service Manual. 24.06.2008
33502174 n/a n/a Ukraine n/a 26.06.2019
33581949 n/a n/a Germany Consul ES 160-O 03.04.2006